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The Kungfu Mailing List

The Kungfu Mailing List is a world-wide listserv devoted to discussions about all traditional chinese martial arts, with some 350 members world-wide, in it's 10th year of operation. Quite a large variety of schools and styles are represented in its membership, which includes people from at least 30 different countries around the world. Many of our members are well-versed in traditional chinese martial arts practice, theory and history - some are quite famous exponents of their styles. We keep the kungfu list archives available where past conversations are preserved for posterity. An FAQ explains how to use the list managing software. If you prefer web discussion areas, please feel free to take part in our online martial arts forums, which are well focussed and have areas specific to kungfu and modern arnis, as well as general martial arts.

To join, simply use the form below to send us your email address. Soon you'll receive a short application for membership. Once this is filled out, returned (no info will be public), and approved, you will be added to the mailing list.

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