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Tye's Kung Fu: Seminars

    Since some have asked about seminars and their availabilty, we've decided to devote this small page to discussing our policy on seminar availability.

    Yes, our instructors are available for seminars. We have very reasonable rates - if you're interested in finding out more, just , or send mail personally to the instructor you're interested in. We can do any of the seminars listed below, or different ones covering the other aspects of the material we teach.

    Material Covered in Past Seminars:

      Praying Mantis Empty Hand Sets
      Kung Fu 2-Man Empty Hand Sets (Dui Shou 1-7, Lui-Shou 1-4, Hsiao Wu Shou)
      Chin na (qinna) - offense, defense, dissolves, counters
      Self Defense
      Law Enforcement
      Kung Fu Weapons, including Staff (Kun), Sabre (Dao), Single Dagger, and Spear vs. Sabre 2-Man Sets
      Kung Fu Power Generation
      The Six Applications Types
      Remy Presas' Modern Arnis, including single- and double-stick, disarms, knife, and empty-hand
      Basic Panatukan (Filipino dirty boxing)
      FMA-based TUSK Tactical Tomahawk
      Yang Style Taijiquan
      Basic Qigong

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