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18 Basic Fighting Tactics

      Upon contact, stick to your opponent. This lets you take advantage of a number of things: sensitivity, control, qinna, etc.
      Strive to feel your opponent's next move, before or as it happens. You can accomplish this either physically or by anticipating it.
      Maintain an effortless flow. Each technique should flow into the next, adding power with each transition. You should also flow with your opponent's moves in the same manner.
      Close your opponent off. This effectively crosses them up so that they may not have an easy counter attack while they are exposed to your attacks.
      When possible, tie your opponent up with his own limbs. This is an extension of Closing, but can involve qinna and multiple limbs, as well.
      Keep your opponent off-balance. To control your opponent and defeat them almost at will, stealing their balance (both physically and mentally) is a must.
      Make your opponent do what you want by making certain actions seem attractive to them; give only the appearance of openings.
      When possible, beat them to the attack while they're starting to prepare for it. Why wait for them to execute their attack or get near finishing it, when you saw the preparation for it in the first place?
      Press your opponent at all times, dominating them. Do not let up until the situation is well in hand. (Do not just stop attacking after a single move succeeds.)
      Sometimes it's better to go with your opponent's movements, at least part of the way. That way, you can take advantage of their momentum, their intent and/or their focus and gain the upper hand.
      Use your own opening/expanding to generate power, pushing off the very ground you stand upon. Basically, hit them with the biggest thing around, the Earth, while adding what you can.
      Use your own weight and ability to contract to add to your power. This is the counterpart and complement to Opening.
      Use the power of your hips and legs by twisting. Use this to add power to your techniques, and use it to dissolve your opponent's.
    Sinking Elbows
      Keep your elbows down, relaxed and sunk. Use this to add power to your techniques, and to provide that extra protection of cover for your middle and high gates.
      Use your footwork to give you the advantage. Often, this means stepping off-line in such a manner as to close the opponent off and give you effective targets.
      Take advantage of your opponent's timing and refine your own so that he can not do the same to you. You must stay alert and relaxed to apply this to the fullest.
      Use your breathing patterns to add power to your own movements and absorb your opponent's strikes. Timing and coordination are paramount here, as are relaxation and keeping a level head.
      Combine Applications, Attitudes, and Tactics to enhance your fighting ability. Don't depend upon a single principle or movement alone to work, or even several in sequence. Combine them.

    Again, these are just the most basic tactics which should be present. Each style has its own refinements and additions to these, as well as counters.

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