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Tye's Kung Fu: Curriculum

    Here at Tye's Kung Fu, we endeavor to instruct our students in as complete a manner as possible. The styles taught here are Northern Shaolin / Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu, as well as Yang Style Taijiquan. To do such diverse arts justice, we must cover everything from the basics of stances, movement, stepping, power generation, sensitivity, conditioning, etc. to the more advanced, such as two-man forms, sparring, weapons, qinna (joint & pressure point manipulation), advanced empty-hand forms, forms applications, tactics, and so on. Our philosophy is such that all these things and more are extremely important to us. The breakdown of our material includes the following (and more):

    Basic Stances

      in place and transitioning
    Basic Blocks, Strikes, & Kicks
      in place and moving combinations
    Basic Techniques
      simple, ready-to-use combinations
    Basic Qigongs
      for health and martial development
    Sparring Techniques
    Self-Defense Techniques
      qinna, takedowns, throws, sweeps, etc
      conditioning, timing, reaction, distance, sensitivity, etc
    Advanced Kicks
      empty-hand, two-man, & weapons, and their applications:
      • Basic Forms 1 and 3
      • Dui Shou (bashing arms)
      • Shi Er Lu Tan Tui (12 sequence springing legs)
      • Duan Da Chuan (short range fist)
      • Po Shou Chuan (breaking through fist)
      • Liu Shou (six step: a two-person set)
      • He Hu Ba So (eight postures of the black tiger)
      • Shao Wu Shou (little 5 step: a two-person set)
      • Chin Kang Chuan (gold-steel fist)
      • Ta Fan Che (big turning wheel)
      • Lien Shou Chuan (connecting hands fist)
      • He Mau Chuan (black leopard fist)
      • Kai Lu Chuan (open road fist)
      • Ba Jo (eight elbows)
      • Wu Hu Chuan (5 tigers fist)
          plus additional mantis material:
      • Cha Chui Chuan (piercing strike fist)
      • Cai Chang Chuan (plucking long fist)
      • Beng Bu Chuan (crushing step fist)
      • Li Pi Chuan (power chop)
      • also weapons:
          staff, sabre, crescent knives, single knife, short stick, 9-section chain whip, jian (longsword), kwan dao, and spear vs. sabre

    Optional material from our instructors' other experience includes forms, techniques, and training methods from many different kung fu styles we've been exposed to, including Seven Star Mantis, Plum Flower Mantis, Six Harmonies Mantis, Eight Step Mantis, Hung Gar Kuen, Wing Chun Kuen, Southern Shaolin (Sil Lum), and more. This material is only optional and is not required for advancement, but does provide the student useful insights into both related and unrelated styles.

    Our Philosophy of Instruction   

We take teaching the chinese martial arts very seriously here at Tye's Kung Fu. Productive and serious classes are our priority. At the same time, they should be fun and relaxing - we do not stress the overly militaristic type of atmosphere present in so many other training halls. Instead, we cultivate a focused workshop-type atomosphere. This helps everyone stay on track without having to resort to the kind of dominance games that can stifle a student's development. Also, while we do use a ranking structure, we do not abuse it; there are no rank-based ego trips here.

In the actual classroom area, we place a high regard on the details of the movements. Yet rather than emphasize the performance aspects, we place an equally high regard (if not higher) on understanding the movements; what exactly is being done, how, and why. In this, we hope to help the student reach the highest levels of ability we are capable of passing on. Our ultimate goal for each student is to assist them in becoming better than our instructors. We hold nothing back - once the student is ready for each bit of what we teach, we pass it on. We do not want our arts to stagnate, or even worse, lose something with each succeeding generation. This happens in many schools that place a higher priority on keeping secrets for secrets' sake than in passing the lineage on as faithfully as possible. To us, there are no secrets, only some pieces of knowledge which must be passed on with greater discretion than others.

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