Electronics, gadgets, and techie-gewgaws...

Yep, I like electronics and gadgets. I guess that makes me a techie, a geek, a nerd, whathaveyou. I build my own computers from parts (and then build computers for family and friends out of those parts when I upgrade *grin*). I have to admit that Newegg is one of my favorite sources, along with TigerDirect - both of these are unsolicited recommendations, so make of that what you will. Like many self-respecting computer do-it-yourselfers, I prefer linux and open-source software (generally GPL). Currently I run Ubuntu Linux on my personal computers at home, and I have that acting as a firewall/router for the other 3 machines in the house through a 54g wireless network. The other machines are my wife's and my kids' computers, as well as my own laptop.

Of course I'm not just limited to computers - I have the requisite digital camera (with video), mp3 players, USB memory sticks, DVD players and burners, digital satellite with hard-drive, VCRs, TVs, CD players, remote-control flying saucer, USB external drives, digital bicycle speedometer, pedometer, and all sorts of other electronics gadgets. But some of the more mundane gadgets are fun and quite useful as well: table saw, cordless drill, hand-held mixer, Dremel tool, etc. These latter ones were instrumental in some renovations I've been doing on the house.

These days, gadgets might also extend to software since computers are so pervasive and important to everyday life. Sticking with my 0pen-source bent, my office suite is OpenOffice.org and sometimes I use AbiWord for word-processing. I try to steer clear of anything by MicroSloth - I don't like feeling like a person that is forced to pay to be a beta-tester. Other useful software utilities I recommend include: And I write my own software and such - I have implemented a complex interlocking series of analysis scripts that automatically produce webpages for the online game eTapout, a MMA fighting simulator. I also write all my own web pages in raw HTML, using EditPad Lite, a tabbed highlighting text editor. And of course the normal work and analyses of all sorts of things with spreadsheets.
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