My Internet involvement...

I code for and manage this complete website, including all of and I maintain a blog and tons of other stuff here. And of course I hang out in various online communities and games - the usual stuff, including providing lots of web-formatted analysis scripts for one online game, eTapout. My host for this is so good I can recommend it heartily: I used to manage a number of computers with a variety of operating systems (some of which are practically deprecated nowadays):
  • for the R.P. Schmitt research group, here at the TAMU Cyclotron Institute, which is a VAXStation 4000-90 running OpenVMS v6.2 and is used for running such analysis and simulation codes as LISA, CASCADE, EUGENE, GEMINI, etc. On this machine, I've installed a variety of third-party software to make things much nicer from within VMS, such as: Netscape's Navigator v2.02, slrn v0.9.2, Pine v3.91, NCSA's X-Mosaic v2.7-4, MadGoat Software's NetLib and MX v4.2, and much more.

  • for the same research group. It's a lowly 486/33 running RedHat v5.0 Linux. I just got it up and running recently, so there's not much to it. But it's a sweet machine now that it's got a real operating system on it.

I also manage several mailing lists, including an international kungfu list with nearly 300 members and a few local-interest ones. I also offer online martial arts discussion forums.

Here's some Internet starting points...

  • Google - My de facto standard
  • Alta Vista - An excellent WWW search engine.
  • Yahoo! - A hyper-hyper-linked resource.
  • TUCOWS - A super resource for WinSock software.

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